How much in damages for your “mild” lead poisoning injury?

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Last month the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland affirmed a judgment entered after a jury awarded over one million dollars to a college-bound plaintiff who allegedly suffers from mild attention deficits due to lead paint exposure in early childhood. Sugarman v. Liles, No. 1460,SEPT.TERM,2016, 2017 WL 4990672, at *1 (Md. Ct. Spec. App. Nov. 1, 2017).

Factual Background

Plaintiff Chauncey Liles, now 19 years old, filed a complaint against Ivy Realty, Inc. and Stanley Sugarman, alleging injury and damages caused by lead paint exposure at a residence managed and operated by Ivy Realty when he was a toddler. At trial, the parties stipulated that due to Ivy Realty’s negligence, Mr. Liles was exposed to deteriorating paint at the residence, and his exposure to lead paint substantially contributed to two documented elevated blood lead levels: 11 mcg/dL at age two and a half, and 10 mcg/DL at age three. Id. at *1.

Based on

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Crying Over Spilt Eye Drops

Last month the Third Circuit reversed an order of dismissal issued by the District of New Jersey regarding a putative class action brought by consumers of prescription eye medication. See Cottrell v. Alcon Labs, 16-ap-2015 (3d Cir. October 18, 2017). The plaintiffs alleged that the manufacturers and distributors of eye drops packaged theRead the full article →